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Invisible threads are the strongest ties.

- Friedrich Nietzsche
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A guide to understanding the power of integration in the mind.

The Power of Vulnerability
Brene Brown TED Talk

Brene Brown discusses shame and it's link to well being.
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Welcome to Connections Counseling

I believe that life is about one simple thing: connections. This belief inspired the name of Connections Counseling, LLC. When we feel connected (to our true selves, our intimate relationships, our family, friends, career, a purpose larger than us, etc.), we tend to have positive mental well being.

I believe I can aid you, no matter what mental ailments you may feel, in connecting to broken attachments and obtaining a new sense of mental health through this process.My philosophy for therapy comes from new and exciting research in neuroscience and attachment. Although genetics are important, our minds are literally shaped and developed through our early attachments and life experiences.

Neuro-plasticity shows that the ways our mind might have been shaped by trauma and experience can be healed through specific learned skills and practices. Simply put, I can teach you how to change your brain's physical, structural, and functional make-up using only the power of your mind!